Sesame Seeds are a Great Source of Calcium (with Recipe!)

Dietary calcium is easily obtained from dairy, green leafy vegetables (i.e. kale) or, nuts/seeds (chia, amonds). What about other sources?

Do you know that unhulled sesame seeds are a great source of calcium? One ounce of sesame seeds has 270 mg calcium…But, sesame seeds are important for other reasons, too. Supplementation of sesamin, as extracted from sesame seeds has been shown to increase lifespan (Zuo et al. 2013). In humans, dietary sesamin has been shown to reduce blood pressure (Miyawaki et al. 2009) and, LDL and total cholesterol (Hirata et al. 1996). So, sesame seeds appear to be a functional food for those interested in optimal health!

Here’s my recipe for a delicious tahini salad!

Mike’s Tahini Salad


16 oz romaine lettuce

12 oz cherry tomatoes

9 oz purple cabbage

3 oz sweet yellow corn

3 oz pickles



1 oz sesame seeds

3 garlic cloves

1-2 medium sized jalapenos

Half a lemon

1 teaspoon, cumin

Put all ingredients for the Tahini in the blender. Add ~5 ounces water, or more, based on your desired consistency.

Mix all the vegetables and Tahini together…Eat and enjoy!

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If you’re interested, please have a look at my book!


Calcium in Sesame seeds determined via

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