Calcium Intake Affects The Association For Dietary Oxalate With CVD-Event Risk

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Papers referenced in the video:

Dietary oxalate to calcium ratio and incident cardiovascular events: a 10-year follow-up among an Asian population

Effect of Different Cooking Methods on Vegetable Oxalate Content

Oxalate in renal stone disease: the terminal metabolite that just won’t go away

3 thoughts on “Calcium Intake Affects The Association For Dietary Oxalate With CVD-Event Risk

  1. Ron

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for an excellent and informative video. This is very topical for me as I have eaten what I thought was a very healthy diet for years. Daily it included in which were plantains, quinoa, purple sweet potatoes, almonds and many green leafy vegetables, all of which I have since learned are very high in oxalate. I believe it may have played a role in sub normal bone mineral density.
    My question to you is what resource you trust for accurate information on the oxalate content of foods? I have reviewed numerous sites, none of which seem to consistently agree.
    I would greatly appreciate any input you can provide.


    1. Michael Lustgarten Post author

      Thanks Ron. Pubmed is the gold standard source-just type in “oxalate content in foods”, and sift through the papers to find the actual studies…

      At some point I’ll quantify my oxalate intake, so I’ll have to sort through that list myself.


      1. Ron

        Thanks, I’ll take a look on PubMed. The disparity between the stated oxalate content on many otherwise credible websites is very frustrating. The same food listed with little to none on one site is listed as very high on another.

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