Fungi In The Blood, Fungi In The Brain: Rapamycin To The Rescue?

The incidence of fungi bloodstream infections increases during aging-is that a potential explanation for the presence of fungi in the brains of Alzheimer’s disease patients? Rapamycin is a known antifungal-is it effective against fungi that are found in the blood and brain?

1 thought on “Fungi In The Blood, Fungi In The Brain: Rapamycin To The Rescue?

  1. 20thcenturyfox

    Fungus in the brain…eewww! Fantastic post on a topic (almost) nobody wants to think about–obviously, since it has taken the research community so long to get down to doing some RCT’s. The immune-dampening effects of rapamycin must also be a concern, i.e.clear one infection only to spawn others. Will stay tuned for further updates.

    Meanwhile, there was some buzz on the popular internet a few years ago about Bacillus subtilis, taken as a probiotic, to clear toenail fungus (dermatophytes I think) as well as candida. I tried to find some solid research on the topic but basically struck out. Does anyone have more and better info on the safety/efficacy of Bacillus subtillis for this purpose?



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