Ergothioneine: A ‘Longevity Vitamin’ With Potential Benefits For Age-Related Outcomes?

Papers referenced in the video:

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Ergothioneine levels in an elderly population decrease with age and incidence of cognitive decline; a risk factor for neurodegeneration?…

Is ergothioneine a ‘longevity vitamin’ limited in the American diet?…

Frailty markers comprise blood metabolites involved in antioxidation, cognition, and mobility:…

Ergothioneine is associated with reduced mortality and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease:…

Ergothioneine – a diet‐derived antioxidant with therapeutic potential:…

Ergothioneine, a metabolite of the gut bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri, protects against stress-induced sleep disturbances:…

2 thoughts on “Ergothioneine: A ‘Longevity Vitamin’ With Potential Benefits For Age-Related Outcomes?

  1. Chloe

    Not sure where to post this question. Dr. L: I know you have studied frailty and muscle loss in older adults and I’m curious what you think about “power plate” technology described here. These machines are not inexpensive; I wonder if there are any control studies proving its effectiveness. Thanks.


    1. Michael Lustgarten Post author

      My preference is good-old-fashioned exercise, whether it’s via the power plate or anything else. The key is consistency, week-to-week, and beyond. There’s no magic pill for improved fitness.



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