Resting Heart Rate: Year-Over-Year Update

A few months ago, I presented data that a resting heart rate (RHR) ~40 beats per min is associated with maximally reduced risk of death from all causes ( I started tracking my RHR data in August 2018, and I now have more than a full year of data. RHR increases during aging, so how does my RHR look over that past year+?


As you can see, the trend line (red) is down, not up, which suggests that my fitness program is on the right track. My improvements for RHR can be better illustrated by comparing year-over-year changes for August 2018 with August 2019, and similarly, for September:

rhr data

The challenge will be continuous improvement for RHR. Eventually it will plateau, and I’ll respond by modifying my fitness program to make further gains.


If you’re interested, please have a look at my book!


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