2 thoughts on “Homocysteine Update, What’s Optimal For Vitamin B12?

  1. Greg

    Thank you for your thorough research, as always, Dr. Lustgarten. I love your research, and have been reading your posts for many years.

    Just curious if you have ever heard of serum B12 and folate being very high– without supplementation?

    Over the course of 30 years, my B12 has varied from 800 to over 2000 pg/mL— from the age of 20 to 50, 9 or 10 separate tests. It’s never been lower than 800.

    Methylmalonic acid and homocysteine have always been low normal, though. Strangely, I have struggled with odd symptoms which are similar to B12 deficiency for decades. (Folate has also always been above 20 or the upper limit of testing.)

    What could this mean? Are there certain genes that affect B12 uptake in cells? Perhaps the B12 gets stranded in plasma? I have no idea.

    I’ve researched this for many years, and no one has given me even a theoretical answer.

    Have you ever come across such a thing in your research?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    1. Michael Lustgarten Post author

      Thanks Greg, and sorry to hear about your elevated B12 levels without supplementation. The first thing that comes to mind is that B12 is elevated in chronic conditions, so how’s your overall health? Alternatively, do you have other blood test data (standard chem panel, CBC, CRP) that can offer more insight?



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