Quantifying Biological Age: Blood Test #6 in 2021

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Levine’s Biological age calculator is embedded as an Excel file in this link from my website: https://michaellustgarten.com/2019/09/09/quantifying-biological-age/

4 thoughts on “Quantifying Biological Age: Blood Test #6 in 2021

  1. Ron Hughes

    Another very informative video. Had you tweaked your diet since the last blood test or was it static? I am correct that you have settled on a protein intake of approximately 1.4G/KG? (In an effort to balance muscle protein synthesis and longevity)

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  2. Michael Lustgarten Post author

    Thanks Ron, I always tweak the diet after I analyze the data for the subsequent blood test. I’ve made several changes already-some of that will be in my next YouTube video, others I’m documenting on Patreon.

    For now, the protein intake is 1.4g/kg. I’ve been higher (~2g/kg), and I’m not opposed to higher, if the overall biomarker correlations suggests that it’s net beneficial.


  3. Ron Hughes

    Okay, from your other videos I’m guessing BUN would be one of the primary indicators, along with perhaps blood glucose concentration? I have been trying to tweak for the sweet spot myself as I’m turning 60 and want to balance muscle maintenance/growth and longevity.


  4. Ron Hughes

    By the way, don’t get a blood draw too close to a vax booster. Effected several biomarkers including a tripling of CRP. Came back down after a month.



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